More racing fun with friends at Argonne

More racing fun with friends at Argonne

DMC teamed up with our friends at Argonne National Labs for a fun-filled night of dinner and go-kart racing.

We started out at one of our favorite spots, the Kerry Piper for some great Irish food, then headed to Melrose Park Grand Prix' new location for the real action.  (Note, the smartest of the bunch ate light for every advantage on the track!)

This was a great way of celebrating another year of working together.  DMC has been working with the lab on various projects for about 11 years, focusing on energy-related research with the ANL's transportation and electrochemical groups.

DMC's fondness of go-kart racing is no secret, though our skill was definitely challenged by the car-enthusiast engineers and scientists at Argonne (don't let the safety glasses and lab coats fool you-- these guys are fast!).

A good time was had by all.




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