First Impressions, A Limerick

First Impressions, A Limerick

Sitting here writing this, still wearing my Corporate Challenge road race bib, fresh from an evening hanging out with my coworkers, it's hard to believe I've been at DMC for under 2 months.  In just 7 weeks I've been involved with 4 different projects, ramped up on new automation software, visited 3 different client sites and participated in numerous social events.  Oh yes, and I've also worked in 2 different DMC offices... all of that occurring despite the standard disruptiveness of a company-wide move.

I relocated halfway across the country to join the team at DMC and I haven't been disappointed.  From the moment I saw the demo at a UIUC career fair, I knew I'd fit in here (who doesn’t love a robot?).  During the interview process people were direct, intelligent, quirky, and insightful.  DMC stood out as a very unique company, one with character that only comes from innovation.

Working at DMC is challenging and sometimes intense.  However, I love staying busy, learning new things and being surrounded by people who enjoy their work.  Each week I’m not sure what type of project I’ll be on next and that variety is fantastic.  Everyone is genuinely happy here.  The social events, brand-new office and well-stocked snack kitchen definitely can’t hurt, but I think the main reason is the lively collaborative atmosphere at DMC.  Not only are engineers knowledgeable, but they are fully willing to share their experience and expertise.  Ramping up on new technologies is exciting when you are involved in such a knowledge-rich and streamlined (read: bureaucracy-free) environment.

I look forward to expanding my programming and electronics experience and spending more time with my new colleagues.  I’ll leave you now with some poetry:

“A First Week at DMC Limerick” –or- “Check SharePoint”
From CA to Chicago I did flee
To join this grand company
SEA monsters and repos
Let’s see how this goes
S.O.P., S.O.P., S.O.P.

DMC Corporate Challenge Team 2011


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