Fixing Pidgin for Yahoo Messenger

Fixing Pidgin for Yahoo Messenger

Like many offices, we have adopted the use of instant messenger while at work. It allows us to stay in quick contact with each other, even when working remotely at customer sites. The network we use is the Yahoo Messenger network.

Some of us use the default client, but many of us have switched over to Pidgin. The main advantage of Pidgin is the ability to link other IM networks to one client (ICQ, MSN, Google, etc.).

Today I noticed issues with my current version of Pidgin on the Yahoo Messenger network - it would not connect. I found a quick fix:

  1. Open your host's file. It can be found under C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\

    Any text editor can be used.

  2. Add the following line to your hosts file:

  3. Restart Pidgin. (If issues persist, renewing/resetting your internet connection should help).

Another interesting nuance to this problem - older versions of Pidgin seemed to work fine but not the latest.


Ken Brey
All fixed. Thank's Matt.
Matt Puskala
# Matt Puskala
I installed Pidgin 2.5.7 and now things are working. However, if you applied the etc/hosts fix I mentioned above, make certain to remove it. The new version would not work until I removed the line from my hosts file.
Tim Jager
# Tim Jager
Pidgin 2.5.7 seems to fix this issue. My server name is set back to and everything works fine.

here is the download link:
Ken Brye
Thanks BluesRenegade. Your method worked great, for a few days. Now it's broken again. Any more ideas. I get the idea that Yahoo doesn't like us Pidgin users.
# Orlando
Fixed up !
Good is working again.
# BluesRenegade
Rather than modify the /etc/hosts file... go into Modify Account, Advanced, and replace the server name,, with the server IP address,

Disable the ethernet connection and re-enable it and Pidgin works fine now. :)

Thanks for the tip above that lead me to my solution!

Matt Puskala
# Matt Puskala
I believe Yahoo Messenger went down for Pidgin yesterday (6/19) or possibly the day before, so I'm not sure if they are related. The hosts file exists in linux, too, so I would certainly try it out. It should be located at:
# BluesRenegade
Yahoo stopped working in a few days ago in Pidgin running under Ubuntu Linux. Am I having the same problem as the Windows users, you suppose?


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