Forcing IE8 Compatibility Mode in Dot Net Nuke

Forcing IE8 Compatibility Mode in Dot Net Nuke

Microsoft has just released Internet Explorer 8. Unfortunately, some of the pages on our website have some issues when viewed with IE8's default settings. In particular, the styling that we've done on our main page's tab control is causing issues. Users can fix these issues on the client side by selecting compatibility mode (the button to the right of the URL field shown below).

IE8 Compatibility Mode

Of course, a client side fix is never a user-friendly fix. Thankfully there is a meta tag that can be added to your site to force IE8 to automatically go into compatibility mode.

Our page is built in Dot Net Nuke. The appropriate way to apply this fix for DNN is to add the tag to the default.aspx file that is found in the root directory of your Dot Net Nuke website. Any meta tag that is placed in here should be applied to all pages to your website. Add the tag below at the top of the head section of the default.aspx file.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />

Note that the tag must be placed at the top of the head section. Also, be aware that updates of your DNN framework will overwrite this change.

This is more of a short-term fix. In the long run, we will want to determine exactly what is causing these issues and get the pages to display appropriately in the new IE8 engine.

Thanks to Ty Seddon of CogniVista and Sebastian Leupold who contributed to this fix and Tim Warr, for posting about the meta tag for IE8.

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Hey, subtle must be your midlde name. Great post!
ST Wong
# ST Wong
It is a great information.
However, I have an issue where I could not put the meta tag in my default.aspx as my DNN portal is being used by many sites. I have a site that only need meta tag of IE7 while the rest of the sites are compatible to any IE version.
Do you have any solution to apply the meta tag for a particular site without having to change the default page or web config file?
Help appreciated.
Simone Moreali
Try to use this one instead.
Matt Puskala
# Matt Puskala
I believe it is completely overwritten.
giocare per vincere
Thanks for the info! Is the back up/overwrite on framework update concern only a concern because it needs to be at the top of the meta tags, or are all meta tags, links, etc., placed in the default.aspx header overwritten on a framework update?...

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