"Team DMC" competes in 2009 Chicago Bastille Day 5K

"Team DMC" competes in 2009 Chicago Bastille Day 5K

For at least 9 years (maybe even 10) DMC has been entering a contingency of runners in the annual Bastille Day Race in Chicago's West Loop.

This year we get to crown the newest member of our team as the fastest member of our team.

Jesse Batsche, who joined us in January, unseated Jody Koplo as the

"World's Fastest Engineer who works at DMC"

The race times and per mile pace are as follows:

DMC 2009 Chicago Bastille Day 5K Results
  Runner Time Pace(per mile)
1 Jesse Batsche 19:09 6:11
2 Jody Koplo 19:44 6:22
3 Eric Nielsen 21:58 7:05
4 Cesar Pena 23:18 7:31
5 Nick Shea 23:54 7:43
6 Kristie Simon 23:54 7:43
7 Danny Budzinski 24:20 7:51
8 Frank B. Riordan 24:44 7:59
9 Ken Brey 28:35 9:14

This showing was a DRAMATIC improvement over the Shamrock Shuffle results from this past March. Perhaps it was the weather, maybe the shorter distance, but probably not the training (at least for some of us).


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