DMC Remodeling

DMC Remodeling

Anyone who has ever visited the DMC office probably has made a trip into the friendly 'DMC Annex'. The 'Annex' (which is not really an annex at all, but rather a sub-office in need of a name due to its friendly welcoming attitude) is home to 3 of our top engineers, Nick Shea, Kristie Simon, and, of course, myself.

The 'Annex' is a tight knit group, together now for 2+ years, comprising 3/4 of the DMC soccer team, and representing a good portion of the non-computer engineers in the company (University of Kansas Engineering Physics, University of Illinois Undergrad Math, and Purdue University Mechanical Engineering).

Maybe it's because we're a little further from the rest of the office or maybe we're just likeable people, but anytime we get a visitor, they can expect to be welcomed with a wholehearted "Hey!" and often a couple amusing anecdotes. It's just part of our DMC culture.

This past week, the dust was flying as we had some minor remodeling done to expand the capacity of our annex home. The motivation for this was that, despite the scary state of America's economy, our operations at DMC are continuing in full force, and in line with 1 of our core values ("Hire Smart People") we are continuing to add to our team. We plan to add another engineer within the month and that new hire looks like he might be lucky enough to become a member of the 'DMC Annex' (once he learns the secret handshake that is!)


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