My First Impressions of DMC

My First Impressions of DMC

Big changes are never easy. Especially when it comes to work and where you live. After three years of experience at the DMC partner company National Instruments, I feel fortunate to have come to understand more about myself and my long-term career goals. I’ve also learned that I’m not suited to 110 degree summers.

I cannot express how happy I am to have joined DMC. DMC fits perfectly with my desire to continue working with a highly talented group of engineers who possess a forward-thinking mentality regarding the application of new technologies for the agility of the business.

The level of comfort the DMC culture has created for new employees is truly unique. The people I met on my interviews and the people that work here day-to-day are the same. It sounds simple, but honesty and integrity are truly at the heart of DMC and it shows on a daily basis. Within my first two days on the job, I was given the chance to make an on-site customer visit, which shows a lot about DMC’s confidence in their hiring process and the standards that they set forth for their employees. New or tenured, every person at DMC is constantly challenged to test their skillset and apply new concepts rapidly.

DMC is also truly committed to a fundamental work-life balance. Taking full advantage of Chicago and its vibrant culture, DMC friends frequently get together as a group to BBQ, go to concerts, catch a movie, or enjoy a happy hour. The social culture has made it very easy to get to know everyone around the office and has really reduced that “new guy” feeling.

I am very excited to be here at DMC and in Chicago. I am enjoying the fast-paced and diverse projects that have kept me busy since day one. I’m looking forward to continuing my professional development here, and contributing to what makes DMC a great place to be. 

Patrick checks out the Chicago Blues Festival along with Courtney, Ryan, Eric, and Ashley.


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