Arcade + Beer = Geek Heaven

Arcade + Beer = Geek Heaven

I enjoy arcade games - who doesn't?  My enthusiasm must not be a secret, as when an arcade bar  opened up not too far from our office, several coworkers made sure to let me know about it.  Arcade games are best enjoyed with heavy competition, and DMC's night at Emporium Arcade had some impressive contenders.

We had a good turnout of over a dozen DMC engineers.  The most popular games of the evening were X-Men, The Simpsons, and Frogger. I spent the night trying to find suckers to defeat in Street Fighter 2, and was successful in giving Gareth, Sam, and Jon Carson some smack downs. You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but I swear Sam and I racked up high scores in every game we played.


With a ton of games, relatively cheap tokens, and a great beer selection, I could have spent a ton of time inside Emporium. It was a fun mix of competition and camaraderie, and we're already looking forward to DMC's next visit to the barcade!  A second arcade bar has recently opened in Chicagoo, so we will have not one, but two options. 



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