DMC's 2013 Holiday Party

DMC's 2013 Holiday Party





85 Guests

55 Filets of Beef

20 Seared Salmon Fillets

125 Specialty Martinis

81 Glasses of Maker’s 46

1 Bud Light (Really?)

That, my friends, is how DMC rolls.

As the newest member of DMC’s Party Planning Committee (PPC) I had an inside look at the planning process behind DMC’s legendary company parties. With past soirees including an Odyssey Cruise and a bowling competition at Lucky Strike, it became apparent that few venues could offer an experience to top that of years past. The Signature Room on the ninety-fifth floor of the John Hancock Center was the ideal place to host just such a holiday bash. With an ear-popping elevator ride that led to a spectacular view of Michigan Avenue and beyond, it was the place to be on January 19th 2013.

The entrĂ©e options for our four course smorgasbord were Seared Salmon with Red Wine Beet Coulis, Grilled Filet of Beef with Madeira Reduction, and Roasted Eggplant with White Bean and Lentil Ragout, Baby Arugula, and Herb Emulsion. This decadent meal was bookended by Roasted Mushroom and Black Truffle Risotto as a first course and ended with a mouthwatering White and Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake with Raspberry Sauce. Of course no DMC party would be quite complete without a wide array of adult beverages. The martini bar was one of the main attractions that included Godiva Chocolate martinis and Signature Cosmopolitans that were almost too pretty to consume.

With the venue selected, the menu in place, and a record number of RSVPs rolling in, the PPC then faced the most challenging part of planning our Holiday Party: deciding how to actually entertain our 85 guests. Here at DMC we are extremely proud of our hyper-competitive, nerdy, and know-it-all culture, so what would go over better than a little Mario-Kart and a few friendly rounds of trivia? PPC members Jason Mayes and John Sullivan provided a Wii and a projector allowing our engineers to challenge each other to gaming duels throughout the evening.

Following dessert, the PPC orchestrated five rounds of trivia, encouraging each of the seven tables to work as a team and pitting them against one another. To spice things up even further, we composed several questions using little-known yet interesting facts about some of DMC’s most prominent engineers. After some sleuthing, we learned that walking among us is a distant relative of the famous Von Trapp Family Singers, a decorated math champion, and at least two DMC employees who have spent a night in the clink.

All in all, it was loads of fun being a part of the party planning process and I can proclaim with complete certainty that DMC’s 2013 Holiday Party will take its place among the other legendary blowouts in DMC’s party laden history.

The Trivia Winners!



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