Ping Pong Web Application

Ping Pong Web Application

In the past year, ping pong has become a major activity for DMC employees. Starting with the purchase of a ping pong table, it has evolved from an informal game that served as a short break from work to an organized competition.

In the fall of 2012, players created a ladder tournament to keep track of everybody’s ranks. With their eyes set on the top stop, challenge matches ensued and the competition became heated. The ranks were kept using pieces of paper pinned to cork board near the ping pong table, but everyone knew that this record-tracking method would not last long.

The most recent evolution occurred during DMC’s FedEx Day when we created a web application on DMC’s external Sharepoint site using HTML, JavaScript, and C#. Below is the simple interface that allows for easy operation.


It allows the user to select 2 players, start a match, and end a match after recording how many games each player wins.



The application determines who won and places each player in the proper rank according to the result of the match.


But Wait! There’s more…

This web application records all this information onto DMC’s Sharepoint so statistics can be gathered about each player. The application displays each player’s overall record, picture, and the outcomes of his or her last 5 matches.


There is more data collected and stored on Sharepoint that will be used in future developments of the application. The sky’s the limit with DMC Ping Pong!

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