Kick It With DMC's Soccer Team

Kick It With DMC's Soccer Team

The most encompassing adjective to describe the average DMC employee is simple: competitive. Be it in academia, in the workplace or on the pitch, DMC is made up of people who are driven to succeed and gets things done. Sometime in late summer of 2012, stars aligned and a group of DMC soccer enthusiasts started a DMC soccer league, DMsoCcer league, entering a coed sports league in the Chicago area.

Frankie’s Angels™, our team’s branded name, has just started its fourth league of many to come. The team is open to any DMC employee or significant/insignificant affiliate who would like to play or learn to play soccer at in a comfortable, coed, recreational (competitive) environment. Player skill levels range from anywhere between awesome and Lionel Messi, with whom we soon plan to start free agent contract negotiations. 

The DMsoCcer league has been a great way for those within DMC enthusiastic about soccer to play and socialize outside the office. We are happy to be finally playing outdoors again and look forward to full field soccer this coming summer.

Just like Mr. Rogers, rest assured we do personally respond to all fan mail and are happy to sign autographs.



Frankie’s Angels™ Team Roster*

Jack Cosgrove

Otto Gottlieb

Jeremy Green

Dan Lawler - Captain

Gareth Meirion-Griffith

Courtney Mitchell

Kristie Simon Shea

Nick Shea

Adnaan (Billy) Velji - Assistant to the Captain

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*Lists DMC employees


Jacob Miller
# Jacob Miller
When do you guys play/practice?

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