Meet the DMC Boston Team

Meet the DMC Boston Team

DMC is excited to have opened a Boston office to better serve our partners and customers in Massachusetts, the Northeast, and throughout the world. Allow us to proudly introduce you to our Boston staff:



Dan Freve, Project Director

Hometown: Elkhart, IN

Education: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Certifications: Siemens Solution Partner, MCPD Windows Developer 4

Favorite Gadget: Raspberry Pi

First Concert: Red Hot Chili Peppers

I'd Like to Meet: Tom Brady

Party Trick: Juggling

Favorite Thing About Boston: Fenway Park

Watch Dan's Employee Spotlight video.


Dan Lawler, Systems Engineer

Hometown: Rochester, MN

Education: University of Wisconsin, Madison

Certifications: Siemens Solution Partner, LabVIEW Developer

Favorite Gadget: Phone saves the day when navigating spaghetti-like Cambridge

Random Fact: I'm way too good at Mariokart, almost embarrassing

Slogan for Life: Be nice

Proudest Achievement: Grade school chess champion!

Favorite Thing About Boston: The Boston accent, the movies don't lie

Read Dan's Employee Spotlight interview.


Frank May, Systems Engineer

Hometown: Franklin, MA

Education: UMass Amherst

Party Trick: Reciting pi

Favorite Gadget: A broken one that I'm allowed to take apart

Proudest Achievement: Winning a 5K in a banana costume

If I Won the Lottery: I'd buy a few hundred remote control helicopters and start scheming.

Slogan for Life: Google it

Favorite Thing About Boston: The disorganized roads - just kidding. Probably how important the Boston Marathon is to everyone.


  Jason Mayes, Project Engineer

Hometown: Longview, TX

Education: University of Notre Dame

Certifications: Certified LabVIEW Developer

First Concert: Beach Boys (with a guest appearance by John Stamos)

Random Fact: I've broken my nose 7 times

Proudest Achievement: Finishing my Ph.D.

What Inspired Me to Engineer: MacGyver and late 60's muscle cars

Favorite Thing About Boston: Regina's Pizzeria makes us forget Chicago. Mike's Pastry cannolis are worth the trip alone.

Watch Jason's Employee Spotlight video.

  Bill Sowerine, Systems Engineer

Hometown: McKinleyville, CA

Education: U.C. Santa Barbara, C.U. Boulder

I'd Like to Meet: John Mitzewich, internet chef

On the Weekend I Love: Hiking, rock climbing, and any opportunity to get outdoors

Random Fact: I'm knowledgeable about edible mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest

If I Won the Lottery: I'd reinvest in lottery tickets

What Inspired Me to Engineer: A lifelong interest in science and a need to understand how things work

Favorite Thing About Boston: Fresh seafood

  Adnaan Velji, Systems Engineer

Hometown: Mwanza, Tanzania

Education: Georgia Tech

Languages: English, Gujrati, Swahili, Kachi, Hindi, survival Spanish, Python, C#/C/C+, MATLAB, Java, Siemens S7

First Concert: T.I.P. coming from G.I.T.

Slogan for Life: I have a different slogan every week. Open to suggestions.

Guilty Pleasure: Suits and boots

Party Trick: The tongue click

Favorite Thing About Boston: It's very bikeable and there are many options for day trips


Adam Wójcik, Systems Engineer

Hometown: Pila, Poland

Education: University of Notre Dame

Languages: Polish, English, French, attempting German, C++, C, MATLAB, Java, FORTRAN 77

Favorite Gadget: 3D printers

First Concert: ACDC - old, but still great

Proudest Achievement: Translating a Polish novel to English

I've Always Wanted: To augment myself

What Inspired Me to Engineer: A childhood dream of creating a robotic pet dinosaur.  Also LEGOs.

Learn more about DMC's company culture. 


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