DMC Boston Kayaks the Charles River

DMC Boston Kayaks the Charles River

The DMC Boston team held their first All Day Company Meeting on October 1st. Frank Riordan kicked off the meeting with a focus on customer service. He quizzed veteran employees on company philosophies and refreshed the new employees on our core values. One simple fact we expanded on is that customers are never an interruption to your work, they are the sole purpose of it. This sounds obvious enough, but I’m sure you can remember waiting at a register, ready to check out and the cashier telling you to wait a moment as they finish up small talk with a coworker. Frank emphasized the importance of responding to the customer, which is our #2 core value after all!

Our meetings concluded around noon when Frank revealed what “dress to get wet” meant, we’d be kayaking in Boston! Before heading out, Dan Freve pulled out a box full of 2013 Stanley Cup Champions t-shirts we all had to wear. There was a bet going on during the 2013 Stanley Cup Finals with the Boston vs. Chicago teams. The Boston office lost, and we had to wear the t-shirts as we walked around Boston.

Kayaking started in the Charles River and brought us around Boston Harbor. We actually got to use the boat locks to head out into the harbor! Our guide gave us tons of interesting Boston facts during the trip, did you know the top spires of the Zakim Bridge are modeled after the top of the Bunker Hill Monument?

We finished our kayak tour and headed back into our dock, but a bit of DMC competitiveness inspired us to race home. Grabbing onto a rival kayak with an attempt to alter their course is a great idea, until they grab onto your kayak and you both end up bumping into a wall. The tour guide wasn't so fond of us racing into the dock, so we all had to slow down and finish together (Adnaan still thinks he won though).

DMC Boston's first ADCM was a great way for the team to bond while reinforcing company values and exploring the city!

Learn more about DMC's company culture.


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