DMC Runs the 2013 Hot Chocolate 5/15K

DMC Runs the 2013 Hot Chocolate 5/15K

DMC has been known to run for chocolate, and this year's Hot Chocolate 5/15K was no exception. Eleven DMC employees and friends rose bright and early on Sunday, November 3 for a jog with the promise of a sweet after party.

We were rewarded with perfect running weather during an unpredictable Chicago autumn. With sunny skies and a slight chill in the air, we took to the city streets along with over 40,000 fellow athletes sugar fans.

While Team DMC was evenly split between the two distances, it's safe to say that even the 15K runners trained for a 5K. I'll admit that some of us were tempted to veer left at the 3 mile mark and finish early, however, all DMCers persevered and succeeded in finishing steady.

After the race, finishers received a cup of hot chocolate, chocolate dipping sauce, and fondue fodder like marshmallows and bananas. Although tasty, chocolate is not exactly what I'm craving after a 9 mile jaunt. What would make finishing a 15K an even sweeter experience? Trading in dessert for a beer.


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