Bowling and Beer: A Perfect DMC Welcome

Bowling and Beer: A Perfect DMC Welcome

My DMC welcome party was a joint venture with Tim Johnson who started at DMC just before I did. I read about the famed welcome parties before even interviewing at DMC and had been excited to potentially have my own ever since! Tim and I decided on the thrilling combination of bowling and local beer - Seven Ten Lounge and Atlas Brewing Company. Little did I know that Tim and his wife each owned their own bowling balls and bowling shoes! Although I wasn't on that level of expertise, I had a super fun time!

As I’ve heard, most DMC activities can be pretty competitive and bowling definitely included some healthy rivalry. Some people had more style and pizzazz to their technique and some were tough-to-beat players. I was amazed that there were about 40 people out on a Saturday as part of our crew.

The evening included a fajita dinner and celebratory cake, and it was a great chance to get to know people better and meet their significant others and roommates. Employees bonded over well-crafted brews such as the Burnham Brown Rye Ale and the Andromeda Milk Stout and had friendly debates about which beer was the best. As a cider gal, my favorite was RedStreak all the way!

After our time was up at Seven Ten we moved next door to the annexed brewpub, Atlas, continuing conversation and bonding. I got the chance to learn more about my co-workers’ personalities and experience a side of everyone that was more laid back than I usually see in the office.

Throughout the night people actually said, “Welcome to DMC.” But, even without the words themselves, I feel very welcome and included among these smart, fun, all-around amazing people. Thank you DMC for an awesome welcome party!


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