DMC Boston Bears Arms

DMC Boston Bears Arms

Having moved to Boston from the Midwest, I've been really excited to explore New England. One of the things I've enjoyed the most has been the rich history of the Massachusettes Bay area. From Walden Pond and John Adams' Peacefield home to the USS Constitution and Paul Revere, history is everywhere. Boston is truly the most historic city in America - the home of Patriots and the birthplace of the American Revolution.

In honor of that history and tradition, everyone here at DMC Boston recently decided to channel our inner Minutemen, exercise our right to bear arms, and take a handgun safety course at Boston Firearms. To tell the truth, this had less to do with history and tradition and more to do with our driving need for competition and trying new things, but it was a fun way to spend an evening together outside of the office.

Between the current DMC Boston team, friends, family, and a few of our recent hires who will be joining us early this summer, we had quite a crowd. Many of us had either never fired a gun before, or have not done so in quite a while, so we were glad to follow Boston Firearms suggestion of a safety course before hitting the range. The instructors started us of from the beginning, explaining how to safely handle a handgun, loading and unloading, proper grip and stance, and range etiquette. Then it was off the firing range where the competition could begin.

As it was a first time for many of us, the instructors suggested that we shoot small caliber handguns, so we all had the chance to practice our aim with .22 caliber pistols. I have to admit, I was pretty impressed with our results. After each of us took our turns, we instantly began comparing our targets and arguing on the benefits of accuracy vs precision as the proper metric for evaluating a winner. In the end, I think we all agreed that Dan Freve came out the winner, by any reasonable metric.


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