DMC's Favorite Sips from the Chicago Cider Summit

DMC's Favorite Sips from the Chicago Cider Summit

Anyone living in the Midwest will agree that this winter has been full of too much snow and cold weather. So, when the Chicago Cider Summit was announced, we DMCers just couldn’t let go of the chance to warm up the winter.

On this typical February afternoon, a group of us met at Navy Pier for the event.

It was a blast! There were numerous ciders that we had never tried before, such as herbal ciders with a basil taste, dessert ice ciders, and apricot ciders. There was a lot of debate between one another about which was our favorite drink. 

DMC at Chicago Cider Summit

Although ciders are inevitably delicious to drink, this is just a friendly reminder to drink responsibly. Below is what ciders do to us here at DMC.

Before Cider:

DMC Employees at Chicago Cider Summit

After Cider:

DMC Employees at Chicago Cider Summit

Just as a lot of us at DMC like beers, there are also a lot of cider lovers here too. Below are our two favorites from the ciders in this summit:

No. 1. Ciderboys Mad Bark. Have you ever dreamed of your grandma’s apple pie in a glass? This is exactly what you are looking for. It is towards the sweeter side, with a cinnamon taste seamlessly blended in. It tastes like, hmmm, it tastes like apple pie!

No. 2. Ginger Peach from Vender Mill. This peach cider has a crisp finish, yet it doesn’t have the lingering acidity aftertaste like a lot of dry apple ciders. The ginger just gives it a layer of complexity on top. So you start with the burst of heat and finish with a clean peachy feel. You just can’t stop sipping it.

Chicago will welcome its first cider bar this spring! The bar will feature over 100 varieties of cider on tap and in bottles. So, if you happened to miss out on this event, hopefully this cider bar will satisfy your cidery taste buds. Hopefully you will find a cider that you like.>

Please post below if you have a cider recommendation!


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