Shamrock Shuffle 2014 Meets the DMC Competition

Shamrock Shuffle 2014 Meets the DMC Competition

At DMC, an opportunity for a healthy dose of competition never goes untapped. Our annual participation in the Shamrock Shuffle 8k is always a good excuse to get our competitive muscles burning (and our real muscles too). DMC employees have been running the 4.97 mile race throughout Chicago's cityscape since 2005; and every year, we do our darndest to not only beat each other, but to beat our past times as well. 


The Chiberan temperatures parted ways for a few rays of sunshine on the morning of March 30th, making for optimal, sunny running weather.


Overall, DMC runners did pretty well, both against each other and against their former selves. Could you have beaten Team DMC?

John Sullivan 33:18
Otto Gottlieb 33:31
Jesse Batsche 33:35
Jeremy Green 34:15
Andrew Griesemer 35:44
Frank Riordan 39:18
Ashley Enderlin     39:19
Tim Jager 39:59
Nick Shea 41:58
Jon Carson 42:49
Sam Weber 43:31
Jessica Mlinaric 43:49
David Ufford 44:45
Johnny Sun 45:44
Megan Lentine     47:39
Amanda Richwalski 1:01:05




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