The DMC Portal: Connecting Chicago and Boston

The DMC Portal: Connecting Chicago and Boston

For my FedEx Day project, I worked from DMC Boston on the DMC Portal (a name-in-progress).

The DMC Portal is a system of two stations – one in DMC Chicago, the other in DMC Boston – with a computer, television, and webcam apiece. These are connected via internet, and each shows the other’s kitchen, allowing the two offices to interact on a more informal basis and maintain some continuity in that way.

Currently, each is running Skype, with the ability to create a connection to its partner if that computer is on. As of now, starting and stopping these calls is a manual process, but we hope to be able to make startup, connection, and shut-down automatic and timed with our schedules, making the portal an easy way to keep in touch.

Alternatively, we might try using an open-source program so that we can continue adding more unique features over time, perhaps some way of getting Wiskie (the de-facto Chicago office mascot) to come and say "hi."

DMC Boston engineers check in with the Chicago office.


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