Visual Studio Template Solution

Visual Studio Template Solution

After working on a number of .NET WPF applications, DMC has developed a standard framework we like to use for our application development. This involves setting up our architecture and directory in a way that allows for loose coupling and separation of concerns. Unfortunately, setting up the project solution can take a few hours, and certain features and frameworks may be left out on smaller projects to save time.

For FedEx Day, I explored the possibility of leveraging Visual Studio templates to speed up the process. Unfortunately creating a multi-project template isn't straightforward, but I leaned a lot and got a template project semi-generating. The work requried to fix the generated solution takes about ten minutes, so it's already an improvement over the hours-long manual process.

I'm hopeful of getting the template working flawlessly, resulting in a one-click experience for generating a brand new DMC WPF project from scratch.

DMC engineer, Lyndon, works on a .NET application for FedEx Day.



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