DMC Spring Carnival Party

DMC Spring Carnival Party

DMC burned it up during our Spring Carnival Party held at the Chicago office on Thursday May 29, 2014. Equipped with two deep fryers, a soft serve ice cream machine (toppings included of course) and a host of entertainment, DMC clients, partners, employees, friends, and family enjoyed a night of revelry, good company, and greasy eats.

Over 100 guests had the opportunity to be transformed into cats, tigers and peacocks with coconut oil infused face-paint while snakes and legless lizards wandered onto people’s arms, shoulders and heads. Plates were spinning, balloons were being twisted and contorted into look-a-like flamingos or swords, and local brews were flowing from more than five kegs. 

For all of the adults who hadn’t seen a Twinkie since its big comeback, the favorite Hostess dessert was up for grabs along with other deep fried pastries and vegetables (like onions and potatoes), not to mention chicken waffle bites, bite sized burgers and churros. To escape the heaps of mouthwatering delicacies, guests retreated to the rooftop where the DMC Brass Band was followed by our own DMC choral cohort and finally by One Season, a band of epically rocking proportions. To accompany the aural appeal of the artists, fire performers played Prometheus, and even breathed fire directly beside three lucky(?) guests.

The night wound down with some healthy Ping Pong competition and a karaoke show down, complete with a duet of Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You Babe.”

Watch the time-lapse video of our reception area:

Or hitch a ride with Johnny’s GoPro camera decked helicopter that was able to capture some of the rooftop entertainment:

DMC Carnival mugs are on display.

DMC Employees get the party started with a round of video games.

The deep fryers are full of onion rings.Deep fried oreos anyone?The office manager and marketing coordinator got turned into cats.User Interface Designer, Ela, got ready for Day of the Dead early this year.Kids enjoyed the balloon twister, juggler and plate spinner.DMC employees enjoy the company rooftop.Jessica holds a boa constrictor on her shoulders. One Season performed on the roof top of DMC.

Ryan plays bass with One Season.

The legless lizard made his appearance at the party.

Guests got to spin plates at the party too.

The fire breather steals the show with his talent.

The fire performers also spun fire.

 A fire breather draws a crowd on the rooftop.

Thanks to everyone who made it out for a spectacular evening!


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