Second Annual DMC Picnic

Second Annual DMC Picnic

DMC employees, friends and family enjoyed fun, sun, beer, and games at the Second Annual DMC Picnic this past Sunday, July 27. We decided to hold our picnic at Linne Woods in Morton Grove, IL, just 20 minutes outside of the city.

The preserve was a perfect spot right off of the highway and thankfully near a local store where we were able to grab things like scissors, markers, and extra ice. A great escape from the hustle of city life and the average workday, we were able to enjoy the serene beauty of nature and have a relaxing afternoon at the same time.

Many DMC employees brought their children who enjoyed the bounce house, sand art, and other activities. We also put together a number of games to spark the friendly competition in everyone. For most of the challenges we hosted a Kid Championship Division and an Adult Championship Division to make competition more equally weighted. Some in-between youngsters though, like John Toljanic’s sons, took on the adults and often came close to beating them!

DMC Chicago engineer John Toljanic and his son play volleyball.

We held a donut eating contest - and no don’t worry, the competition wasn't about how many donuts one person could eat. Instead we tied a donut to a string and made each contestant eat the donut without using her hands. Attendees also participated in a three-legged race, a tug of war competition, multiple volleyball matches, and an egg race. 

DMC employees' children engage in a donut eating contest in Chicago.DMC engineers and their families play a game of tug of war in Chicago.The other side of the DMC tug of war is shown putting forth their effort.

DMC engineers and admin play volleyball in Chicago.It was nice to not have to worry about cooking, grilling or bringing food either. Instead, Corky’s Catering provided us with pulled pork, hot dogs, and Portobello burgers for our company vegetarians and guests.

Despite threatening weather forecasts and looming clouds, the weather held out all day, and we had only the, slightly more outrageous than normal, Chicago wind to deal with. There were a few fly-away Frisbees and some catapulted corn due to the blustery day, but thankfully that was the worst of our worries.

The DMC Kids Club get together for a group Chicago photo.

All in all, the now annual, DMC Picnic was a great success!


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