DMC Comic: Engineers Go to the Movies

DMC Comic: Engineers Go to the Movies

Engineers are known for being serious about their work, but we leave plenty of room for laughs. At DMC, we have a fondness for humor of the geeky variety.

This month our group of engineers headed to the movies. Post your ideas of where our engineers should go next month in the 'Comments' section below, and you might see your suggestion featured in an upcoming comic!

DMC Comic about engineers going to the movies is featured here.

Illustrator: Ashley Enderlin

Contributor: Matt Puskala


Russ Joslin
# Russ Joslin
I don't know if I should be embarrassed or proud. I have actually said these things at a movie.
i.e.' Gravity', Sandra Bullocks hair has perfect 1G as she floats weightlessly through micro gravity...

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