October Golf Tournament

October Golf Tournament

DMC has now had seven scintillating golf tournaments, each one embracing the forgiving scramble tournament style of play. This time the teams were:

Team A
Team B

The play commenced on the lakefront 9-hole course of Sydney R. Moravitz two hours before dusk. The day brought some impressive long drives on the sporadic par five holes as well as continual improvement from the newer golfers in the tournament. The hole that unreturned the most balls was the deceptive Hole 6; a par 3 that has a pond and a sand trap squished into 140 yards.

DMC engineers hit around the ball at a local golf course.

As nautical twilight insincerely crept over the course, Team A struggled to find the hole - and their balls - on Number 9 and Team B scrambled to drive their balls out of the eighth teebox and into the enveloping darkness. It was an unfulfilling end to the otherwise enjoyable day, especially since every which way the score was examined, the competetion ended in a draw. 

Two engineers take a ride in a golf cart.

Nonetheless, DMC once again provided an excellent weekday adventure as well as a couple of extra golf balls for our bags.

Devon demonstrated how to swing for all the new golfers.

For the results of previous Scramble here!


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