Learning to Ski: DMC Style

Learning to Ski: DMC Style

In preparation for our annual DMSki trip, a small group of us Denver DMCers decided to head up to Keystone to get our ski on. Well, the experienced skiers did that: I simply tried to stay upright and on the mountain for my first time ever skiing.

Otto, Jimmy and Jimmy’s fiancĂ© Melissa were great instructors and spent half the day trying to teach me how to stop, turn, fall and crash with the greatest success. I definitely did more of the latter as I bailed from a standing to a prone position time and again. More often than not, I scared myself into thinking I was going to go careening off the mountain at what I perceived to be lightning fast speed. I’d have to say that as a Midwestern flatlander, the sight of steep inclines covered in snow and ice was by far one of the most petrifying experiences of my life. 

But I made it out alive and with enough energy to head to Beau Jos afterward: a Colorado pizza joint famous for its thick-ish thin crust that guests slather in honey. 

We made it back to Denver by 8pm and I promptly fell asleep on my couch – still dressed in my ski clothing (i.e. bike clothing because I didn’t actually own ski gear) – to wake up at 8am the next morning utterly bruised, battered, sore and excited for the next round!

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DMC Denver engineers get serious after a day of skiing.

DMC Denver can't stop laughing after skiing.

DMC Denver enjoys a few laughs after a hard day of skiing.


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