Wait Wait... Don't Tell DMC!

Wait Wait... Don't Tell DMC!

Earlier this month, in a desperate, yet ultimately futile, attempt to take our minds off the increasingly frigid weather, DMCers from the Chicago office sought refuge in the warm embrace of National Public Radio. Not with tote bags or endless donation requests, but with the hit show Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me! Don’t let the over-punctuated name fool you, WWDTM (as it’s known to insiders who love acronyms and write blogs), is full of laughs and sharp insights into the week’s news. This week was no exception.

The weekly news quiz which makes its home here at Chicago’s WBEZ, home of the Serial podcast, had returned from its whirlwind tour of the United States. With a week that boasted a potential government shut down, a royal visit, and falcons now being able to fly on airplanes, there was no shortage of hilarious material to cover.

NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell me Stage

After corralling the 20+ strong DMC crew, and ensuring our traveling brethren from the deep suburbs could still get in after the show started, we were in stitches hearing jokes from the week’s panelists: Shelby Fero, Charlie Pierce, and Tom Bodett. In a beyond pleasant surprise for the group, the week’s guest star was none other than Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself, Patrick Stewart!  The hair-free Star Trek captain regaled the audience with stories from his youth, and even shared his boyhood regional accent with the crowd. 

Overall, the night provided not only laughs and great company, but for regular listeners, it provided a glimpse into the production process. We were able to sit in on extra jokes, flubs that had to be re-recorded, and some of the best times had by all.

DMC Group at Wait Wait Don't Tell Me

If you would like to listen to the episode, and maybe listen for the laughs of your truly, the podcast can be found here.

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