Chicago Fly Fishing Excursion

Chicago Fly Fishing Excursion

As a new employee at DMC Chicago, I’m quickly learning just how easy it is to plan exciting outings with my fellow coworkers. At our first mentor lunch, Gareth and I were musing on how much we wanted to learn how to fly fish. With some planning from Gareth and a survey to gauge interest, two weeks later we were out on the North Pond in Lincoln Park with 21 DMCers and Chicago Fly Fishing Outfitters learning the basics. 

The class walked us through the general premise of fly fishing, from casting techniques to fly anatomy. We each had the opportunity to tie some fishing knots and browse through the different types of flies. The instructors also demonstrated proper casting technique, explaining the proper cadence that was required to get the impressive waves of yellow line that are the mark of a good cast. We got to try our hands at casting off the dock with some cotton balls at the end of our lines. We didn’t do any actual fishing, but with only 15 minutes to practice I don’t think any of us were ready to catch a fish anyway. Regardless, the fly fishing lessons were a great way to get out of the office and enjoy some of the last few warm Chicago days. 

Next summer we will have to plan a Wisconsin fly fishing excursion!

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No Fishing - DMC Group Shot

North Pond in Lincoln Park

Fly Fishing Lesson

North Pond in Lincoln Park

DMC learns how to fly fish


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