Beer on a Boat: Exactly as Fun as it Sounds

Beer on a Boat: Exactly as Fun as it Sounds

After being in Chicago for over four years, I realized that I had never been on a boat tour down the Chicago River. So coming up with the idea was relatively easy. I noticed that many people at DMC enjoy beer, and boating ventures are very popular in the summer, so a booze cruise seemed like an ideal welcoming party.

The week leading up to the event was pretty stormy, so I was afraid the boat ride would be either miserable or cancelled altogether. Luckily, the evening was perfect! The ride started at 7pm as the sun was setting. This provided the perfect setting for the Instagram aficionado: sun shining between the skyscrapers and glistening off the water.


As we were setting off, I noticed many new faces in our group. Since there was a management meeting the next day, many of the higher-ups from the other offices around the country were present! It was great to get to meet and converse with so many coworkers that I do not get to interact with on a daily basis.

We started the voyage listening to a very detailed tour guide who explained all of the buildings we passed. I distinctly remember being amazed at all the buildings that were literally built on top of existing ones. After about an hour or so of travelling up and down the river, we ventured out onto Lake Michigan. I noticed a few in our group were standing at the front of the boat, so I joined them in recreating everyone’s favorite Titanic scene. The rest of the group slowly started to gather, and pretty soon everyone was at the front!  The queue to enter and leave the channel was fairly long, so we actually got a free hour on the boat from waiting (I’m not complaining).

Throughout the evening, I felt so welcomed by everyone I spoke to. Everyone was friendly and I received quite a few comments on how much they were enjoying themselves.  This experience was by far the most fun I have had thus far at a DMC event. The setting, the drinks, the sense of community, and the bartender’s glorious mustache made this a night I will always remember.

DMC on Lake Michigan

DMC on Lake Michigan

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