OneDMC: Where Bigger Meets Better

OneDMC: Where Bigger Meets Better

In 2015, DMC opened new offices in Houston, Texas, and New York City, expanding our team from three to five locations. Also in 2015, we paid two random people to write and perform rap songs about us. These seemingly unrelated events have an important common thread: OneDMC.

So what does "OneDMC" mean?

The term originates from first-time visitors to our offices, who love to ask us if we have any relation to the rap group Run DMC. The idea has really grown on us, though, so the term has quickly come to mean much more.

In practice, "OneDMC" is a two-pronged philosophy that builds on our customer service motto and Core Values.

Some of DMC's Chicago office wearing their OneDMC shirts.

If It Is Within Reason, Make It Happen.

OneDMC means we go the extra mile (literally) by crossing state lines to deliver results from our best experts in each service area, whichever office they might be in that day. Few companies of our size can say they offer so many different services, so this means everything from building multi-office teams to giving employees special badges when they visit other DMC locations.

DMC Houston and New York (can you spot the Chicago visitors?)

Have Fun!

Having fun at work is really important to us, so OneDMC also means that our company culture just gets stronger as we grow. This includes flying new employees to the Chicago office to meet the team, Yearly Office Events in other cities (like Colorado ski trips), and kitchen webcams for virtual happy hours between offices.

DMC Denver

From a joke we've been hearing for almost 20 years, to an awesome rap video that cost us less than $100 to make, and finally, a company-wide initiative on improving how we work, "OneDMC" has come a long way.

DMC Boston

While DMC continues to grow, we are committed to remaining a close-knit team with a unique culture and an unwavering commitment to every single customer.

Learn more about working with DMC.


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