DMC Foosball World Cup 2016

DMC Foosball World Cup 2016

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance you’ve already read one of our ping-pong blogs. I know, we talk about ping-pong a lot (we PLAY ping-pong a lot). But you may not have heard that DMC also recently acquired a foosball table. 

It only made sense for us to do a Foosball World Cup.

Following the exact format of the real Foosball World Cup, DMC’s tournament pitted 32 different employees against each other. Entrants were encouraged to represent a country to which they had ties. It was a lot of fun learning about where everyone’s parents, grandparents, or great-grandparents are from!

The list of countries DMC employees chose to represent in our Foosball World Cup

Some people opted instead to represent random countries (Tim Johnson/Kazakhstan, I’m looking at you).

Tim and Chris playing foosball
We take foosball very seriously.

Pete (Belgium) was favored to win by far, heading into the tournament with a staggering record of 250 wins and 2 losses. Over a period of roughly three weeks, we snuck away from our busy desks to carve our way through the brackets. Round after round went by as the best slowly carved their way to the top. Wins were tracked using the Foosball App built in-house by DMC engineers on FedEx Day.

DMC's foosball tracking app, developed in-house by engineers on FedEx Day

Chris and Pete go head-to-head for World Cup Champion

In the final, Pete and I went head-to-head. I like to think I made Mexico proud by slamming him in a 14-8 win.

It was a great opportunity to meet people that normally wouldn’t cross paths, especially new engineers training in the Chicago office before heading off to other states.

Normally, the World Cup is held every four years, but this was too fun to wait that long. We’ll be back at it again in 4 months.


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