High Fives & Good Vibes: DMC Boston Escapes "The Dig"

High Fives & Good Vibes: DMC Boston Escapes "The Dig"

One of the biggest highlights of a new hire’s experience at DMC is their welcome party. Employees located in remote offices get twice the fun – they have their first welcome party while training in Chicago, then their second welcome party once they return to their home office. 

While in Chicago, I joined other new employees for a game room welcome party at the Chicago Athletic Association. Back in Boston, I chose to do “The Dig”.

 “The Dig” is the newest puzzle game from Escape the Room - Boston. The premise of the activity is simple: get out within an hour. However, the execution of the solution is not as simple.

With the Boston team locked into the puzzle room, the clock started, and our grand escape began.

Six DMCers began locked in a fake church alcove, complete with creepy and obscure clues such as handprints on windows, a slider puzzle, and a confessional that just wouldn’t open. Methodically, we made our way into a cave system, which became more and more cryptic. We navigated through deciphering incomplete maps, finding hidden markings to help open locks, and reading through a notebook filled with unfamiliar symbols. Finally, the engineers figured out the last leg of the puzzle room by partially reverse-engineering a key component.

We escaped with less than four minutes remaining!

DMC Boston's team after escaping the room with lots of fun signs and props

Post-Victory Treats

After a hard-fought escape from the bowels of the holy enclosure, the team celebrated the victory at Saus, a lesser-known Boston gem right on the Freedom Trail. Saus is a Belgian-inspired chow-down spot that offers classics like fries (with myriad house-made sauces), Belgian waffles (including the elusive but tasty Liege waffle), fried chicken and waffles, Brussel sprouts, and huge sausages. We also indulged in a respectable combination of beer, milkshakes, and sodas.

Ultimately, the party was a great way to see how the team deals with solving their problems under pressure, and how we can crush obstacles together. There was some yelling, but there was also a lot of high fives, good vibes, and some delicious, delicious Liege waffles.



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