DMC Chicago Virtual Office Tour

DMC Chicago Virtual Office Tour

In January of 2016, Google released an Android app called Cardboard Camera, which can turn a single smartphone camera into an impressive 3D panoramic image-making machine.

Using this tutorial, we learned how to convert those images into a 360 view YouTube video, which allows us to create a 360-degree, interactive panorama that can be viewed across a multitude of platforms, operating systems, and browsers. Android users with VR headsets (such as Google Cardboard) can even view the video in 3D.

As a follow-up to the office tour video we posted a few years ago, we followed the tutorial to create an awesome virtual tour of our DMC Chicago office.

Viewing Instructions

By default, each room in our office is shown for 10 seconds before switching to the next room. If you'd like to look around a room for longer, or jump around between rooms, feel free to pause the video or skip to different times.

Don't forget to use the settings (the small gear icon) in YouTube to set the video to the highest quality - it makes a big difference!

Make sure you've installed the YouTube app, then click this link. Select 'Yes' when prompted to open in the YouTube app. The embedded video below will not work in your mobile browser.

Hit play on the video below, then click and hold your mouse to look around the room!

3D/VR (Android only)
Make sure the Google Cardboard and YouTube apps are installed. Click this link to open the video in the YouTube app, then click the Google Cardboard icon in the lower right corner to enable the 3D view. Place your phone in your VR headset and enjoy!



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