DMSki 2016: Our Biggest Ski Trip Yet

DMSki 2016: Our Biggest Ski Trip Yet

Since 2011, we have made it a tradition to take an annual ski trip out west to Colorado. This year, since the trip was so popular, we have decided to introduce the ski trip as our first Yearly Office Event (YOE). The YOE grew out of DMSki, which attracts employees from across our offices. It's a great opportunity to bond and promote OneDMC, so we decided to create a similar yearly event in each of our locations. We had a great time on our 2016 DMSki trip.

Day 1:

After landing in sunny Denver, we started off DMSki with a big team trip to Costco. Here at Costco, we may have gone a little overboard with the amount of lunch meat we bought. Our overstocking became one of the highlights of the trip, due to how much lunch meat was on-hand.

Honestly, I pulled my weight and ate as much meat as I could. Everyone else should've kept up with me. Others say that they bought way too much lunch meat, leaving Devon with many frozen meat packs still in his freezer two months later!

Costco trip & lunch meat

After all of the preparations for our trip were finished, we were ready to wake up the next morning and begin skiing.

Day 2:

It was a beautiful first day of skiing. Everyone couldn’t wait to get to the top of the mountain. Great memories were made and fun times were had! Although I skied at a terrifying speed, I was still left in the dust by Sully. Each person took their fair share of falls, but everyone still impressed with their skills on the slopes.

Jon skiing

Our skiing improves every year, and its always surprising how we can push the difficulty level up a notch.

Group Photo on the mountain

Everyone contributed to cooking an awesome dinner at night. We made an amazing Mexican lasagna, which fortunately used up some of the meat in the fridge. Unfortunately, it did not use the lunch meat.

We ended our long day of skiing with a hot tub session. Per tradition, we try to fit as many people in the hot tub as we can. We kicked back with a few beers and a few games of flip cup and were very excited to get the next day rolling.

Day 3:

Waking up this morning a little sore, our group split up as some people continued to ski and others went to an oxygen bar instead. Those who went to the oxygen bar got to walk around the town and enjoy the nice scenery. At the oxygen bar, we experienced very strange smells coming through our oxygen tubes, such as patchouli and energy. We were even allowed to take home our oxygen tubes and if we wanted to come back, we could get a discount the next time. We thought this was also a little strange. The oxygen tubes didn't help the altitutde sickness either. Even though the oxygen bar was not everyone’s favorite activity, it was still a good experience!

Oxygen Bar

The skiers had another awesome, action-packed day up on the mountain. They increased the difficulty by taking on more black diamond and double black diamond runs.

Up on the mountain

Whether sticking tubes in our noses or hitting the slopes, we all started the day off on the right first with homemade biscuits and sausage gravy.


Day 4:

Our third day skiing, and it was a great one! We had a huge, spontaneous snowball fight on the top of the mountain that no one will forget.


Steven, Sully, Nihkil and Alex skied through the trees at one point. While in the trees, Alex noticed a fort some kids had made and ended up crashing straight into a tree right in front of him! Note: he's ok.

Alex in a tree

A few non-skiiers also went for a hike. The fresh powder went all the way up to Molly’s knees! It was definitely a struggle to try and walk through, but being the Smart People we are, we figured out a way.

Molly in the snow

With it being our last night, we wanted to have as much fun as possible. We, of course, overstocked the hot tub again and continued our fun by having a college throwback party. We turned the ping-pong table into a “drinking game table” and the games got pretty competitive.

As our last night came to an end, we packed up our things, cleared the lodge, and prepared for our flights the next day.


Day 5:

Today, some of us went straight to the airport. For others with later flights, it meant work (and pizza) in the DMC Denver office! This was a great opportunity for us to live up to our “OneDMC” motto. We loved being able to collaborate with everyone within the Denver office and compare their typical day at the office with our other offices.

Working in DMC Denver office

Hasta luego, Denver!

Breck 2016


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