The New and Improved DMC Coffee System

The New and Improved DMC Coffee System

At DMC's Chicago office, coffee is an extremely important part of everyone’s day. We've been using a Keurig K-Cup system to make decent coffee. Although they are easy and convenient, K-Cups have a high per-cup cost when compared to just buying coffee beans and they create a lot of plastic waste.

Our old Bunn Drip Coffee Brewer does make a lot of coffee, and it is easy to control the strength of the coffee. On the down side, the coffee is brewed at a very low, inconsistent temperature, yielding poor tasting coffee.

The existing French Press allows direct control of the water temperature and strength over brewing, but it only made about three cups at a time. People also left the uninsulated pot on the counter after brewing, thus creating cold coffee by the time others wanted it.

All in all, the DMC coffee systems needed improving. Thus, for this year's FedEx Day, I took the initiative to come up with a new and improved coffee system. The core values of this coffee machine are to use good quality coffee, to use fresh ground coffee, to brew coffee properly, to store coffee properly, and to make it easy and efficient to do all of the above.

I present to you, the new and improved DMC Coffee System!

New DMC Coffee System

This coffee system has freshly ground beans measured out into jars. There are different lines on the jars indicating how much of the ground beans you should use depending on the size of the pot of coffee you are making.

Coffee Beans

The ideal brewing time of the coffee is 4-5 minutes. That’s pretty fast compared to your average, boring coffee machine.

DMC Coffee

Our new coffee system can make drip coffee and French press coffee. Although we could do this before, as mentioned, the coffee that will now be made will be brewed at a higher temperature, taste better and be stronger. The new system is easier, and more efficient, than ever before.

Coffee System

Like any project, this coffee solution is subject to DMC standard terms:
DMC (Chicago) agrees to grant to (other DMC Offices) an irrevocable, non-exclusive, perpetual, fully paid-up, worldwide license to make, have made, use, sell, offer to sell, import, execute, reproduce, display, perform, distribute internally, prepare derivative works, and make modifications and/or improvements to the Background Technology.


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