DMC Boston's 20th Anniversary Party

DMC Boston's 20th Anniversary Party

DMC is turning 20 this year, and we're hosting events in each of our five office locations to celebrate. Although our official anniversary date is in July, we marked DMC's 20-year milestone at the Boston office at the end of June. 

dan and clients

Before the party began, Dan took some of the Chicago office visitors sailing in the Boston Harbor. The weather was great and everyone got to see an amazing sunset. Some of the DMCer's had never been sailing before, so it was a unique experience. 


We were thrilled to celebrate our 20th Anniversary with clients, friends, family and DMC employees from across our offices. The party was in full swing all night with a caricaturist duo, DMC videos, video games, mini golf and lots of food and drinks. We featured food and flags representing DMC's five offices.


The caricaturist duo was a big hit. One of them drew and the other colored in the picture. They drew an awesome picture of Adam, which you can see below. 



nick nikhil and jeff

Guests also had the opportunity to enjoy experiencing permanent office fixtures like the Bongo board, mini golf and giant bean bag chairs. In the 1996 room, representing the year DMC was founded, Phil set up an old school video game. Frank May demoed the FANUC robot arm to great fanfare.

FANUC robot


Just like the Chicago party, everyone enjoyed all of the 1996 videos. Once again, everyone was able to guess which photo was which employee back in 1996. Throughout the night, the office sound system was playing music from 1996 as well. Everyone loved grooving to these old school hits.


The food and drink menu paid tribute to the five cities where DMC has an office. We served New York style pizza, Houston brisket, Chicago style hot dogs, Boston Crème Pie  and Denver beer on tap. According to the guests polled, the New York style pizza was hands down the best in terms of food.

Many guests loved trying the Boston Crème Pie in Boston. Out-of-towners didn’t know what real, authentic Boston Crème Pie was like, so the Boston natives were excited to show them how great it actually is. 

boston creme pie

The DMC Boston party had the same opinion on Malort (a bitter Chicago spirit) as Chicago and Houston's parties: it must be an acquired taste that no one has the intention of developing. Except, Bill seemed to be the only one that enjoyed the taste and said it tasted like "flowers". 

malort reaction

Guests left the party with a huge range of DMC SWAG items including 20th anniversary mugs, frisbees, dancing robots, ring pops, slap bracelets, magic eight balls, playing cards, mini footballs, and sunglasses. The evening was very successful and we thank everyone who came out and helped us celebrate our 20th Anniversary! 




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