Brimfield Antique Show Scavenger Hunt

Brimfield Antique Show Scavenger Hunt

At DMC, we enjoy spending time together outside of the workplace. Each office has a monthly Activity Fund budget that they can use for an employee-chosen event. Not only do we have fun, we get to know each other better, which in turn makes us a stronger team.  

On Saturday, July 16th the Boston office held a scavenger hunt at the Brimfield Antique Show, the largest outdoor antique and collectibles show in the world. Three times a year, for an entire week, the rural town of Brimfield sees its population swell from 3,000 to over 250,000 visitors and over 5,000 dealers.

With this in mind, a deviously elaborate scavenger checklist was created with categories like “Big Mouth” (Journal or Diary, Toothy Grin, and Neon Sign) and “Domesticated” (Cat/Dog Reading the Papers, Horseshoes, and Animal in a Suit/Dress). Our task was to find an object matching one (or more) of the phrases listed, take a picture of the object, and check it off the list. Pictured items were worth their points value, purchased items had their points doubled. 

Breaking off into two teams of three people, we set off on the sweltering day, enthusiastic and determined. We saw everything from the finest antiques, to kitschy doo-dads, to junkyard goods. It was thrilling to encounter an item from our lists, and sometimes the kiosk owners themselves would help steer us in the right direction.

After a couple of hours, we met back up to compare lists and add up points.  Hungry and hot, we were ready to leave for the next stop of the day: Jack’s Abby Brewery in Framingham, MA for craft lagers and a bite to eat in their air-conditioned Beer Hall & Kitchen. Sampling beer from their 24 on tap, we had pizzas and relaxed after a long day of running around. 

We had a great time with each other, and we are already planning our next event!


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