Escape (The Room) From New York

Escape (The Room) From New York

It was a dark, cold night. The air was teeming with mystery. 

We walked the few blocks from DMC New York's office to the building that housed our destination. Inside the glass doors and seeing with no visible signs, we were forced to face our fears. “Is this the right building?” “Was is all a scam?” “Is everything a lie?”

“Go to the 8th floor,” said the old security guard, listlessly.

The elevator was finished with a bright red vinyl, battered and scuffed from years of use. Or were the scuffs caused by something else…? It slowly inched us towards our destination. 

The Game Begins

As the elevator doors opened, we were taken aback by the striking contrast of the black and white stripes that adorned the walls. The lighting was dim as we were guided to our room. The door was locked behind us, and the timer began to count down. 

 DMC New York had one hour to Escape the Room

We knew about the successes of the other offices. DMC Boston and Denver both had managed to escape some rooms before, Denver with an average of 53 minutes and Boston with 56 minutes. 

We crawled on the ground, we reached into dark places, and we canvassed the very backs of our brains. With the cunning use of intellect, curiosity, and teamwork, we managed to figure out the final clue.

Record Timing

Key in hand, Simon rushed to the door and unlocked it. Our team of six flooded out of the room, into the light of freedom. We had escaped with the best DMC average time record yet – 46 minutes!

Feeling elated, we worked our way back down the creeping elevator, past the disaffected security guard, and went our separate ways into the night. 

DMC New York employees participated in Escape the Room NYC


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