Glow Sticks, Kickball, and Flip Cup in NYC

Glow Sticks, Kickball, and Flip Cup in NYC

This Fall, DMC New York participated in our very first sports team. The league, organized by NYC Social, was a combined Kickball + Flip Cup season. Games were held at a park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. We were excited that the bases, ball, and players would be lit by glow sticks!

Since we have a small office, we joined forces with other small groups to make a full team. The other people on our team were awesome, and being paired with non-DMC teammates was a great way to meet new people in the city.

Overall, our team made it to the SEMIFINALS in both kickball AND flip cup. Although we were absolutely overjoyed with our accomplishment, even more important than our (frankly, awe-inspiring) record are the friendships we made and the fun we had! 

Kickball Season Highlights

We all loved the glow sticks!! Some of us loved the glow sticks a little bit too much, even.DMC NYC played kickball with glowsticks


Pre-game selfie! You can really see the adrenaline in our faces as we prepare to totally CRUSH the competition.DMC NYC participated in a kickball league with glow sticks


Matching up for flip cup! If our opponents’ faces were visible you’d be able to see the FEAR in their eyes. 
NYC's kickball league also included playing flip cup


We all went out to a bar that had arcade games a few times. Serena, Dan, and Simon became masters with a rifle. Here's Serena going against her vegetarian instincts and LOVING IT.
DMC NYC playing the rifle game at the arcade bar


Dan was literally frozen with determination.
DMC New York enjoys a Brooklyn arcade bar


In addition to being kickball and flip cup pros some of us have mastered Big Buck Hunter.
DMC New York enjoys a post-kickball arcade outing

Yusif gets a base hit yet somehow manages to stay focused and humble.
DMC New York played in a summer kickball league


Number one ranked defense on the East Coast:
DMC New York played in a Brooklyn kickball league


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