DMC Chicago Holds First Blood Drive

DMC Chicago Holds First Blood Drive

Like most people after the New Year, DMC wanted to find some ways to start 2017 off right. So, when our Director of Finance and HR Deborah Nunaley suggested we hold an onsite blood drive, I thought, “Yeah! That’s a great idea!"

Why Give Blood?

Having not donated blood before, I learned some very cool and exciting facts about being a donor:

  1. Of those people entering the hospital, 1 in 7 will need blood.
  2. Every time you donate whole blood, you can save the lives of 3 people. 
  3. Before our blood drive even began, our donations were ALREADY CLAIMED by a local hospital. 

The point is, our donations were needed, and we were all so excited for the opportunity to give!

Photo of Kingsbury room set up for the blood drive

Make it Happen

Make it Happen is one of DMC's core values, and we worked with LifeSource to do it. LifeSource is a blood donor center with 18 locations in Chicagoland. 

After a few weeks of planning and recruiting donors, the crew showed up first thing in the morning and immediately got to work. They transformed our largest conference room (which normally holds about 70 people) into a blood donor center!

We started the donations at 10 a.m. and wrapped up around 4 p.m. Our goal was to hit 30 donations and we did it – we saved 90 lives! 

Edmund Sales after giving blood.    Anne and Leon wait to give blood

It was a proud day for DMC; many people overcame their fear of needles, and several employees donated for the very first time! I am excited to say we will be holding another onsite blood drive this summer, and hopefully many will follow!

I feel so lucky to work for a company that encourages and facilitates holding awesome events like this one.


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