DMC Houston Is Bigger Than Ever

DMC Houston Is Bigger Than Ever

Back in April, we announced that the Houston office was undergoing a renovation and posted some in-progress construction pictures.

I started at DMC's Houston office in early September, so I arrived at the right time to enjoy the finished product. 

DMC Houston's Expansion

We have been thoroughly enjoying each of the new areas.

  • Kitchen - Board and card games are a daily staple in the expanded kitchen during lunch.
  • Conference Room - All Houston teammates can comfortably fit in the new conference room for status meetings.
  • Quads - A fierce rivalry has erupted between those who work in the front workspace (known as “Power Quad”) and those who work in the back (name TBD).
  • Collaboration Room - A second collaboration room allows for more flexibility when scheduling meetings with other DMC offices or clients.

The DMC Houston team enjoys their newly expanded office kitchenThe Houston team enjoying their newly expanded office kitchen.

On the Inside 

My time at DMC has been a blast so far! Our fridge and pantry are always stocked with lunch fare and snacks, which I take full advantage of.

One of the biggest learning curves I have faced is mastering the card game Bears vs. Babies. There is fierce competition almost daily at lunch, but I think I’m beginning to hold my own.

I’ve befriended our office dog, Travie. She’s a massive Irish Wolfhound who is simultaneously bigger and gentler than any other dog I have ever met.

Expansion Photos

DMC Houston's newly expanded kitchen has plenty of storage for snacks and space for playing shuffle board or card games. 

Expanded Houston Kitchen Looking Out

Expanded Houston kitchen looking in.

We've added more quads to accommodate the growing Houston team. You can see Peter hard at work in the corner!

Peter King working in the back of the new Houston quad.

Our new conference room is more spacious than ever.

Houston's new conference room.

Let's Keep Growing

DMC Houston's next move is joining a corporate basketball league that starts in January for some competition outside of the office. I hope this means the next addition to the office will be a championship banner hanging from the rafters.

We are always looking to hire more engineers to fill the rest of our space. Wish you were with us? Check out our opportunities.

If you’re in the area feel free to stop by and say hello, we’d love to give you a tour and play a game of shuffleboard!

See what else is going on at DMC Houston.


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