Houston Rockets Basketball Welcome Party

Houston Rockets Basketball Welcome Party

One of the best things about your first few weeks working at DMC is that you get to host a welcome party of your choice! As an avid fan of basketball, I chose to go to a Houston Rocket’s game and took the Houston office with me.

After a catered dinner at the office, we carpooled over to the stadium. I will watch almost any basketball game alone and enjoy myself, but being at the game with the DMC Houston team made it even more fun. It allowed us to hang out and bond outside the office, as well as meet some of each other’s friends, family, and roommates.

DMC makes a point of allowing you a plus one to every party. It’s an excellent way to feel more comfortable going to events when you're a new employee, and a great way to get to know new people!

I was even lucky enough to be selected to be part of a shooting competition on the court!

The promotion was a wheel of fortune inspired shooting game. I shot free throws for 20 seconds. For each basket I made, an assistant revealed one letter in a Southwest Airlines destination. At the end of the 20 seconds of shooting, I had to guess the location. A correct guess would net me 15,000 Southwest Rapid Rewards!

I have shot a fair number of free throws in my life, but none in front of this many people. I was unquestionably nervous!

John shoots free throws to win airline points.

Near the end of the 2nd quarter, it was my time to compete. I missed the first shot, but then made a few in a row. After 20 seconds I turned around to the letters “N-A-S-H-V-I.” I correctly guessed “Nashville,” and that was that! 15,000 Southwest miles anywhere I wanted, thanks, Ceci!

John won airline points shooting free throws.

The game was incredibly exciting, with the now first place Rockets beating the Pelicans 130-123. James Harden recorded 14 assists in the first half, tying a Houston record.

All in all, it was a great time, and I can’t wait for our five future new hires to have their welcome parties later this summer!

DMC's offices are always expanding, so if you wish you were with us, check out our careers page.


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