DMC Joins Salesforce Partner Program

DMC Joins Salesforce Partner Program

DMC is proud to announce that we have joined the Salesforce Partner Program!

Rick Rietz, DMC’s Director of Consulting Services, is thrilled about the new partnership: “Our team is very excited about joining the Salesforce partner program, and our clients are too. We’ve been helping clients with Salesforce development for quite some time, but we never marketed our ability to provide these services. With newly acquired access to training that is exclusive to Salesforce partners, our consultants and developers are taking the extra step to earn Salesforce certifications.”

Why Are We Doing This?

  1. We see a need to offer a variety of CRM solutions. Many of our clients already use Salesforce or are considering adopting it as their CRM platform. We also have many new clients who either want to begin using Salesforce or are looking for consultants who can help them evaluate their CRM options.
  2. DMC has the skills to do it well. DMC's team of business analysts and developers have many years of experience working on CRM projects, including Salesforce. This experience, coupled with partner training and certifications, give us an even greater ability to tailor the Salesforce Sales Cloud® to fit the sales process of our clients.
  3. Salesforce is a good solution. Salesforce is an industry leader and one of the top CRM solutions on the market. Salesforce will complement our many other service offerings.

What Does This Mean For DMC's Current Service Offerings?

We realize that given DMC's 10+ years as a Microsoft Gold Partner, joining the Salesforce Partner Program may come as a surprise to some. DMC will continue to provide all current Microsoft service offerings alongside Salesforce, including Microsoft's Dynamics 365 for Sales.

Additionally, DMC is now better equipped to guide our existing and future clients toward the best CRM solution based on business needs. According to Rick Rietz, “This will advance our skills and enable us to tackle more complex sales automation solutions for DMC’s current and future clients. We will also be in a much better position to help clients understand the differences and tradeoffs between Salesforce Sales Cloud® and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales when selecting a CRM platform.”

What Types of Salesforce Services Will DMC Offer?

DMC is now offering the following services as a part of its Salesforce service offering:

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud® Consulting
  • Data Migration Services
  • Integration Services
  • Custom Application Development
  • Training and Support

Learn more about DMC’s new Salesforce service offering. Contact us if you want help getting your CRM initiative started.


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