DMC Does Goat Yoga

DMC Does Goat Yoga

This month, several DMC Chicago team members were lucky enough to participate in Goat Yoga as a team building activity at the Garfield Park Conservatory. Goat yoga is the latest yoga trend where baby goats run around the participants, climb on their backs, and make everyone smile during the class.

We had three new employees attend this event, Justine (Accounting), Anna (Marketing), and myself (Marketing). This was an excellent way to introduce ourselves to some of our co-workers before our first day at the office.

Courtney DMC doing Goat Yoga

The craze around goat yoga exists because, well, baby goats are adorable and make participants feel more relaxed and happy during the yoga class. The smile on people’s faces when a goat unexpectedly climbs on their back is absolutely priceless. Our class consisted of many laughs and smiles as goats trotted around us for an hour. The combination of nature and animals created a perfect yoga practice.

Molly DMC doing Goat Yoga

Baby goats climbed on all the participants while in yoga poses.

Elisha DMC doing yoga poses with goat

Elisha and her baby goat synchronized in the "cat cow" yoga positions.

Jamie DMC with baby goat during goat yoga at GPC

We had the opportunity to further play with the baby goats after the class ended as well. Molly and her friendly goat enjoyed a nice hug.

DMC loves goat yoga and baby goats

DMC had an awesome time at goat yoga. We would love to participate in it again, but it has become so popular there is a waiting list until 2019! It has sparked an idea for either an upcoming activity fund event or an ADCM.

DMC support staff does goat yoga


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