DMC St. Louis: All Sandwiches Considered

DMC St. Louis: All Sandwiches Considered

DMC St. Louis recently unveiled its new radio platform: 90.7 WDMC. At the May 2018 all-company meeting, the first podcast from this NPR spoof station was officially released. What hard-hitting story did our expert engineers in Missouri take on? Of course, they fearlessly informed us of the newest developments in the great sandwich debacle.

The podcast spoof was inspired by the St. Louis office’s obsession with sandwiches. At DMC St. Louis, a deep love for sandwiches is rooted in every individual and heightened by the fantastic sandwich shops surrounding the office. In fact, the St. Louis office itself boasts a sandwich theme—complete with a plan to name all the office conference rooms after sandwiches.

Creating the podcast was a fun way to share the St. Louis sandwich love with the other DMC offices and aid in a world struggling to grapple with the existence of sushi burritos.

All hands at DMC St. Louis got involved in writing the script, while Patrick Corcoran edited the audio and Chase Hollingsead handled the video and graphics editing.

We hope you enjoy this podcast from the minds and stomachs of DMC St. Louis!



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