Stranger Things are Going Down at DMC St. Louis

Stranger Things are Going Down at DMC St. Louis

Every month at the DMC’s all-company meeting, a different regional branch debuts a new video informing the rest of the company of what’s new in their office.

St. Louis took up the reigns recently with a spoof on the popular show Stranger Things. The video, featuring Patrick Corcoran (script), Chase Hollingsead (editing and script), and Caleb Stoll pokes fun at fishing and scam emails.

Filming was a fun way to bring together the, then small, St. Louis office with its new employee arrivals while also showing off for the other DMC branches. DMC St. Louis hadn't even moved into their new office yet when the video was produced.

Amid onboarding new employees and the woes of moving buildings, DMC St. Louis was determined to show off their team and do Stranger Things justice. They put in a lot of time after hours just imitating the popular opening credit sequence.

With a determination to achieve high production value in little time, the St. Louis crew debuted their masterpiece internally to the rest of DMC. Now, with great pride, and caution, we invite you to peak into the strange and terrifying world of DMC St, Louis. Parental guidance is advised.



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