DMC Sees Tina Fey, Amy Poehler Perform Improv Show at Carnegie Hall

DMC Sees Tina Fey, Amy Poehler Perform Improv Show at Carnegie Hall

Last week, DMC saw an absolutely star-studded rendition of ASSSSCAT, the world’s longest-running improv show. The performance, which took place at the iconic Carnegie Hall, involved Tina Fey as the monologist and Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, Matt Besser, Horatio Sanz, and Rachel Dratch as improvisers.

The format of the show started with a suggestion from the audience. Then Tina Fey would ad-lib a monologue based off of that suggestion. After her monologue, the rest of the cast would improvise several scenes based off of that monologue. The performances were absolutely amazing, and the entire theater was lit up with audience laughter.


The UCB4: Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, and Matt Besser

Tina Fey, Rachel Dratch, and Horatio Sanz

This event was especially special to me because I’ve been taking improv lessons at the Upright Citizens Brigade, a comedy school and theater founded by four of the performers: Amy Poehler, Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, and Matt Besser (the “UCB 4”). The DMC team has always been incredibly supportive of my improv--coming to my class shows, cheering me on, and being really encouraging in general. So when I heard that ASSSSCAT would be performed by the UCB4 and others at such a phenomenal venue, I was really excited to tell the rest of the DMC New York office about it! To my delight, everyone was on board!

carnegie hall

Our seats were in the orchestra, close to the stage!

Our seats were absolutely amazing, and it was so cool to see such impressive leaders in the comedy industry perform improv. Because the show was totally unscripted, it felt like we got a sense of the performers’ personalities, and the whole event had a great, fun vibe in general.

carnegie hall, asssscat

From left: Matt Walsh, Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Horatio Sanz, and Rachel Dratch

Overall, it was an amazing experience, and we all had a great time! It was really cool to see such incredible comedy performers, and I really enjoyed sharing my improv interest with the rest of the team!


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