DMC's Internal Operations Team Sets Sail

DMC's Internal Operations Team Sets Sail

"If this boat sinks, the company would be *in real trouble." This was the starting remark as DMC's Internal Operations team left Belmont Harbor on President & CEO Frank Riordan's boat.

Every summer, employees are invited to take part in one of Frank's favorite hobbies. Boating on Lake Michigan is a wonderful time for us to enjoy each other's company and recognize the work we do throughout the year.

On Wednesday, July 18, DMC's Chicago-based Internal Operations team took to the water. Seventeen members of the Accounting, Administrative, Human Resources, Marketing, Project Coordination, and Recruiting teams piled onto Frank's boat along with delicious sandwiches from Pastoral and desserts from Molly's Cupcakes.
Internal Operations Team

As we sped across Lake Michigan, watching the sunset behind Chicago's skyline, I was filled with pride to work on a team of such talented people. Our talented engineers, like boat propellers, keep DMC pressing forward into the open waters and onto new projects. Meanwhile, the Internal Operations team makes sure everything is working like a well-oiled machine.

Chicago Skyline Sunset

From Accounting keeping our financials in line to Marketing making sure we look great in the public eye, the hardworking Internal Operations team takes pride in the work that we do. Our IT department blows customer service out of the water with the quick and always friendly support for any technical difficulties that arise. HR and Recruiting wade through many resumes to ensure that we add just the right team members to our high achieving crew. Project Coordinators are the engineers' first mates, taking care of any detail that needs assistance on every project.

DMC's Internal Operations team enjoyed a company boat outing on Lake Michigan

Frank and Amy

While talking to a new employee at his welcome party, I was asked, "As an Administrative Assistant, what do you do exactly?" I simply responded, "Anything and everything I can for the company." When this answer was met with a very confused look, I explained further, "It is my job to have the engineers not notice what I do. If you have everything that you need when you need it, then I have done my job well."
Mary Doctor

Having FunAs the Navy Pier fireworks went off above my head, I was able to relax leaning against my coworker's legs while she leaned against another's. Although the picture quality isn't very high, the quality of the moment means a lot to me.

It's great to know that at a fast-paced company like DMC, the Internal Operations teams (along with every single DMC employee) can lean on each other to do our best work for our clients and colleagues. And when the waters get rough, there's no other crew I'd rather call my own. 

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