DMC Gets CPR & First Aid Training

DMC Gets CPR & First Aid Training

DMC uses our own internal suggestion box as one of the many avenues to answer these two "WWTBTSCD" questions:

What would the best technical solutions company to work WITH do?

What would the best technical solutions company to work FOR do?

We receive a pretty large range of suggestions varying from requesting more gear in the gym to improving project staffing. DMC genuinely cares about what employees think, and we take every suggestion under consideration.

We recently received the suggestion, “Can we offer an optional CPR training in the office?” This was an easy, “YES!”

Although there are several awesome companies to choose from, I decided to work with American CPR Training. There was a ton of interest in our Chicago office to be CPR & First Aid certified, so we scheduled TWO training sessions to be held right here in the office!

Learning To Save Lives

This summer, our first training opportunity arrived! I knew we were in for an awesome training when Robert showed up to teach the 3-hour class.

Robert the CPR / first air trainer.
CPR and first aid instructor, Robert

I will admit, I was a little alarmed when he started pulling out baby, toddler and adult mannequins.

The training grabbed our attention from the start. We learned so much! We practiced CPR on all the mannequins with and without an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).

With a room full of engineers, I wasn’t surprised to hear some out of the box questions like “What do you do if your dog is choking?”.

Group Photo
Everyone is ready to learn, especially Patrick!

Tim Jager trains for CPR on an infant.
Tim Jager expertly saving a choking “infant”

First aid training supplies.
Life saving supplies

Once we all felt more than confident to perform CPR, we moved on to the First Aid portion of the evening which consisted of absorbing a ton of new knowledge and practicing our wound covering skills with gauze.

Photos of learning how to bandage people up.
Learning to bandage wounds

Thoughts On CPR Training

"I really enjoyed our CPR training. Knowing that there are several coworkers around me every day that are also certified gives me peace of mind in the unlikely event of emergency.”Stephanie Alaman

"I am very grateful that DMC offered us the chance to learn such a vital skill like CPR. Acquiring the knowledge to potentially save a life was made fun by learning it alongside my amazing coworkers!" – Andrew Mahler

The evening was a huge hit, and I’m so glad one of our fellow employees suggested the training. We now have around 30 DMCers who are certified, which is a great feeling! I look forward to seeing what suggestion box ideas my co-workers come up with next!

Wish you were expanding your lifesaving skills with us? Check out our careers page!


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