DMC Takes Hamilton: Lights, Camera, Engineers

DMC Takes Hamilton: Lights, Camera, Engineers

To say that this was not what I expected when I signed on as a Systems Engineer at DMC is a correct statement. One month into my job, 50 of us were going to see Hamilton (yes...that Hamilton) on the company’s dime. Not only that, but everyone was at the show to welcome four other employees and myself to the company.

The Hamilton Welcome Party was just the latest in a slew of company-sponsored welcome parties. Each new employee gets a welcome party. It's an excellent way to connect with co-workers outside of the workplace.

As someone who is new to Chicago as well as to DMC, these parties have given me a wonderful opportunity to make friends and explore my new home in my first few weeks of work.

DMC Takes Hamilton

My fellow DMCers and I headed to the 7 o‘clock show after some drinks in the company kitchen. We settled in, and soon enough the show began.

DMC takes hamilton part 2

Hamilton is a multiple Tony-winning musical which tells the story of Alexander Hamilton through song and dance. The songs are mostly hip-hop inspired, which differentiates the show from most musicals. What makes Hamilton so unique, however, is its ability to blend history and entertainment. While at the show I could tap my foot to the beat, and feel I was learning about the founding of our nation.

Hamilton Group 3

Ironically, this mirrored my experiences learning and working at DMC. Due to the large variety of work DMC does, I usually find myself learning as I work. While this may not get my foot tapping, it is what makes engineering at DMC so enjoyable. A side effect of being an active member of the DMC team is learning a lot about many different technologies. Furthermore, as a member of the Application Development team, the skills I am learning are skills that can be used both in and out of work. 

Engineers at Hamilton

When the curtains at the show finally fell, it’s safe to say we were all impressed, and we all knew a little more (maybe a lot more) about our country’s history. I headed home thinking about what I had learned about Alexander Hamilton, as he was the latest topic added to my long list of things I have learned while working at DMC.

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