New Friendly Faces at DMC Denver

New Friendly Faces at DMC Denver

One of DMC's most beloved traditions is holding a new hire Welcome Party, an event that brings together the current DMC team with new faces by providing a feel-good environment to embark on an adventure together.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing a Welcome Party along with Oliver Reed, a fellow new face within the DMC family. Oliver and I knew that we wanted our first big social event with everyone to involve artistic creation and social libations, so this is exactly what we did.

group wood making

Our Welcome Party began at Denver's famous I Made It Workshop, an open woodshop where anyone can gather to learn the art of carpentry as well as design. We decided to make resin cheeseboards, a beautiful mix of wood and color. One of our fantastic instructors, Francis, explained that creating resin cheeseboards allowed everyone to work with almost every tool in the shop.

making resin boards

This activity was the perfect choice for those interested in woodworking as well as painting. First, we chose a beautiful piece of wood, cut down locally in Colorado. We then went, in groups, down to the lower level of I Made It. This seemed to be the area where the more intense tools were stored. We shaved down one side of our wood to reveal the various shades of brown, purple, and grey within the wood's rings. The next step was to cut the wood down the middle to create a canal for the resin.

i made it workshop

Mixing the resin was probably my favorite part of the night. The workshop had any color option you can think of, from glitter to metallic to neon. Everyone was able to show their skills and use as many or as few colors as they wanted. By the end of our class, we each had a board that represented our individuality.

final cheese board

Even more exciting than getting to make a cheeseboard from scratch was getting to know each one of my coworkers and their loved ones. Most events at DMC include an invitation for a plus one, so not only did I get to know more about my coworkers, but I got to know the families of my DMC family.

creating wood boards

I cannot say enough about how DMC focuses on creating a welcoming, friendly, and hard-working culture for its employees. We are given the tools to express ourselves while learning new traits with new friends. I'm excited to call DMC Denver home.

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